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Hi guys, how are you? Those who know me or follow me on the internet are seeing how much I’m in love for Xamarin and how I’m betting on it to build amazing native mobile apps that are delighting my customers.

mobile, xamarin comments

Every time I can, I like to read books about the subjects that I’m looking to learn, programming is not different, besides it’s considered a practical field where most of the learning comes trough experience (the famous “learn by doing”), I think important to read books, they help us to build theoretical foundation that we can use to justify our practical decisions.

mobile, xamarin comments

It’s World Cup time in Brazil and is impossible to programming without at least split the attention between the PC monitor and the matches on the TV. But the matches there aren’t the only thing that have excited me in the last weeks, actually, use C# to develop the web and mobile applications through Xamarin has excited me even more and the experience have been very interesting.

In the last days I thought: “Why don’t join these two things and write a blog post showing how we can use Xamarin features to visualize information about the World Cup?”.

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Software projects tend to become more and more complex as they evolve. This complexity, if not managed, can contribute in an important way to the project failure. One of the parts that are more exposed to a complexity increase is source code. In this article we are going to see how software complexity increases and how we can use code metrics to increase code quality avoiding that a software fails due this complexity increase.

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A common doubt when we are starting a new mobile project is which strategy should we choose. Should we develop a webapp? A phonegap hybrid app? Or should we go for the native ones and develop a specific version for each platform?

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A couple weeks ago I was in a walk with a friend of mine, he was complaining about the speed of changes in the software development world. In his words, every week something new appears, it can be a new methodology, a new framework, a new programming language and so on, and we, developers, we need to make choices for each one.

Is it worth my time? Is it promising or not ?

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Last weekend I gave a talk in a local event about the C#/.NET ecosystem, the audience was dominated by students and I tried to show to them how they can analyze a programming language, points they should observe and after I analyzed the C# through these points. The post below is a compiled of this talk.

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As every addicted for programming languages, I feel myself excited when I see new programming languages. In the last years I did at least a toy project in C#, Java, Javascript, Ruby, Python, Scala and Objective-C. Recently, I made a search for new and exciting programming languages. Below is the the languages that I think more interesting and are promising more in the next years. They are open source and focused on writing concurrency software. I will definitively give a try to one of them. The problem is choose which one!